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Hey there, This is S.Shivasurya,
I am studying Pre-Final Year B.Tech IT at Thiyagarajar College Of Engineering.

I love to work on Node.js,PHP,MySQL,Ajax and JQuery,Javascript. According to me learning a programming language doesn't matters at all , but implementing in real life and creating the awesomeness matters here.

My posting style:

As far i will always post features after testing the feature in my own hands on experience and start writing posts.I started My coding at the age of 15.I was inspired by HTML at the first and started programming in C,C++ and the my target was PHP and MySQL.At my early days i recollected that i ran PHP scripts without server and tempted to downloading always :P .and from that failure i learnt a lot to set a Webserver and run PHP and Other sorts.Now i'm learning Java with a lot of funny doings and creating LOL application in Android.

Request a Quote :

For Suggestions/Projects/Request just drop me a mail to s.shivasurya@gmail.com.i promise you'll get a reply from my team/or from me.


My Google+ profile  : +SHIVASURYA 
My facebook Profile : S Shiva Surya
My Twitter profile     : sshivasurya
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