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creating facebook custom stories for facebook application - learn more

we would be fascinated in viewing the status updates,photo updates and as well as many actions that are taking place inside the Facebook.using facebook application we could create custom stories and could be posted inside facebook using such custom stories.Recently i was amazed while using Pintrest and their posts on facebook activity named as pinning action on their wall.This lead me to learn more about Graph API. and posting custom story creation.I was wandering around google for tutorials but facebook developers & stackoverflow gave me brilliant docs to follow and build the custom-stories for facebook application.

creating facebook custom stories for facebook application - learn more

first of all for all developers must register in the developer about their new app for any platform provided may either windows,android,facebook app,website application,i-os application or it may be a game running on facebook canvas.register with correct URL, domain name, and provide with Developer e-mail.

1)Now go to Graph API side tab listed in left column and click that link.
2)You will be showing with Create new stories (custom).

3)Define new story with action and object.
let us see some terms about action and object below.


action is something you do on facebook and represent the post and provide a view to the friends and you as post in timeline as well as news-feed. For example SHARE is action made by the user and they are represented as post in timeline and we could post in friends timeline.


object is something which is shared,added or done something on facebook.They are things and important part of the post.We could define our own objects for our custom stories on facebook.for example we could take pintrest application where PIN is action and and post is the object which is important part of the representing data!

my example :

i have choosen Answer as object and Find as action .I have attended many online forum treasure hunt were we could login using facebook and they could post on our timeline after finishing each round!So lets now define a feed that can improve representation of post using custom stories and could create lot of user interaction.

simple custom story from my application!

Working with Graph API Explorer(debugger):

now to check the post with the help of GRAPH API EXPLORER.just click on the GET CODE in stories and it shows variety of options such as Create,update,delete,retrieve for platform such as Http,PHP SDK,Android,I-OS and javascript SDK.

1) select the HTTP platform and click on the Address given it leads to open the Graph Api explorer where we could debug the url and recieve data from Facebook server using Graph API.try the other platforms also!(i have not yet tried on android/i-os)

2) Just submit the url with POST method and important thing here is me/{APP_Namespace}:{story_action} where we are going to apply the post to our timeline activity.After submiting we could see numeric value on click it we could see the post details.

now visit your timeline ->Activity log you may find your activity as sample data and it doesnt goes live to the friends until the custom story is approved by facebook team! for the application you have created.

additional options to provide users to add message,tags,places etc while posting custom stories so enable it in Action centre at below.
options under action tab!

submit your custom story action for review:

under status and review option you must submit the custom story with lot of restriction made by facebook since to enhance the quality of sharing on facebook and giving clear mind picture if the post produce by the third party apps on facebook that never correlates with native facebook applications and makes the user to experience the real life posts on facebook which are made by developer and could integrate their website with facebook for social traffic and support.

1) click start submission!
before that every developer must know the settings before applying for review in facebook. Each app on facebook must have a LOGO image and have a detailed description about the application for the users to know about your application.
overcome this error by adding necessary details!

2)you must have flow of data and working of your post with screen shot with minimum of 3 photos 
3) a detailed description about working of your custom story details and working of applications and uses of it.
4)once again submit 4 different types of snapshot of your post on facebook that are made using platforms!
5)and then submit for review and be free and have a cup of coffee aside.after three days facebook team approaches you about your status and describes what to be done.

assume that if they have given authorization then you can configure your application properly and then work with graph API calls to update in Facebook.there are lot of rules and regulations using custom stories via graph api login !I will explain how to work after getting authorization for custom stories in my next post!

if you could find errors!report the bug as comments or mail me! share is care!


Anonymous said...

nice post ! gave me an idea to explore more

tnks shiva

Chiavat said...

Hi, I'm trying to create an action like "Beat" a "Profile", but I'm not able to create One to Many relationship. Can you show also this example, please?

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