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Towards Next-Generation INDIA - amaze more with @Muthu Alex


The picture says it all, in a blog which has lots of thing to learn about technical stuffs, lets have a look on the current political situation of a country with more than a billion population "Mother India". Especially after the results of the 4 legislative assembly, because it has seen the change of mindset of the people.

People of India mostly do not have the option or grace of selecting the best out of best in best in polls, they always have to select the best out of the worst candidates, but the elected candidate will turn out as the worst out of the worst after five years, that's a different story.

But people always vote with a hope that a change is assured, not in vote bank or government they hope for the change that would raise their standard of living and develop nation's strature among the developed nations of the world.

The above picture shows the group of youngsters waiting patiently with a smile on their faces;

"They are smiling only because the photo is being taken or else you know very well what we would do when we stand in queue's we scold our system and we wish for a change in our society".

An average Common Man of India votes for a change with hope someone would come and do welfare for the people.

"But the irony is he knows very well that he would be bluffed or betrayed at the end of five years and after five years politicians get ready to bluff and the Common Man gets prepared to be bluffed in a new format."

This was the picture of elections and aftermath in our motherland, but i hope this new one is not an one more in the list of Indian political history,

Yes aam aadmi party has brought new hope into our lives, 


Congress is a secular party, working for all the capitalists and industrialists;
BJP is a  national  party, working for RSS and Hindu Nationalists(modi);
Aam Aadmi Party is a party working for the people of the country for whom the leaders must work.

This is not my personal point of view, it is well seen from the Delhi election results. 


  • Transparency : They were so transparent from the process of collecting fund to maintaining accounts.
  • Close to the people : They were so close to the people in all their canvasses they represnted themselves as one among the public, where as the two major parties represented themselves as messenger of god who has come to save the people.

Indian youth are  having a huge and very big belief on Arvind Kejriwal, the man who stood up for the all the issues faced by India. People are eagerly awaiting and looking forward to AAP what they are going to do now as they have the status of an opposition party which is confirmed as of now.

Arm chair experts and veterans of Indian politics Applaud Mr. Kejriwal for taking the stand of not coming to the power. People see it as a stand for defending the ideology of the party. But we have to bend when we have to because people have taken the decision of rejecting the congress, and selecting the AAP but if both the parties BJP and AAP are strong in their in stand then it would be a great upset and setback for democracy in the nation's capital. 

This is the place where the people lose and policies of politics win, due to majority-minority problem congress is going to rule the nation capital for six more months in the form of president's rule. 

Thank god President rule is adopted in case of emergencies but if the system has provisions like entrusting the state government in the hands of the prime minister then what would have happen please think, for the next six months India's national capital would have become the strong colony of Italians................

I think you can understand from the picture, because we have a prime minister who is very strong for example,

Only people who have ardent knowledge about mind reading can only understand him and he is a different kind of person who has all latent energies saved for the future but he is never going to use it.
One more picture to explain our PM's life,

At the end i want to conclude that people of India have stood up against corruption which is well seen in election results of four states. For a better future nearby i want all my readers (i hope one or two will read till the end) to vote for the best option out of all the worst options and i wish or pray to god the selected best candidate must not turn out as the worst candidate........................

after this i would meet you in an other article for which i give the clue through a cartoon.................

if any one or two reads reads until the end patiently i want them to wait for the next article to come in two or three days as i am in semester holidays i have nothing to do more important than this...............

note: this content is generated just for imagination of public minds!we don't promote any cautious content,be cool and enjoy reading!

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