Thursday, June 02, 2016

Top 100 motivational Quotes - MotiveTown - Motivational App

Recently Launched Mobile & web app based on concept of motivating others using inspiring pictures and quotes from various sources such as simpleremainders,spiritofscience & Motivational guides.combining all resource and categorizing the quotes and images,generated a unified format to form a web service.Additional to this we've optimized the Image using opensource tools such as Imagemagick and few shell scripts to automate the process.We named the App as MotiveTown - Motivational App So,let's see about the various features implemented in mobile app below.

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Why this App ?

Everyone needs motivation in some point of life either letting-go or to chase their dream,this makes us to search to read books,quotes,inspiring videos,lectures even in soundcloud for audio speech.Some peoples watch movies,videos where others check out magazines,daily.And targeting this fragmented categories,we decided to bring unified platform with personalized newsfeed contents with videos,audio and quotes with images via simple Mobile App.Thus as a result we were able to publish first version of this app with limited contents of news,images and quotes and features.

Why Ads ? 

We need to provide you reliable backend service without outages and, we rented a economy server package and customized backend to adapt daily updates.we too optimized several hundred KB image files to less than 100 KB JPG compressed files with automated scripts and Imagemagick opensource,to keep running these operations smooth and more faster we adopted ads to generate some amount to maintain hosting.

Categories - MotiveTown App

We have Daily updated 23+ categories of Motivational quotes 
• Achieving Gratitude
• Daily Inspiration
• Business Leadership
• Changing the World
• Community Thoughts
• Conquer Negativity
• Walking in Faith
• Various Saying
• Uplifting Music
• Success Secrets
• Staying Motivated
• Relationship Dynamics
• Recover and Loss
• Positive Thinking
• Overcoming Fear
• New Awakenings
• Mindful Living
• Letting Go
• Law of Attraction
• Impact Media
• Healthy Living
• Forgiveness
• Exploring Thoughts
About 23+ categories and 3000+ images,quotes,articles and videos combined we're making a unified platform for everyone to engage and get the benefits out of it.Download the MotiveTown - Motivational App from Playstore.

App description :

MotiveTown App Provides various categories of motivational quotes,images and text poems.Motivation is the Key point for everyone and that can act as turning point in their life.Push them Ahead with spirit in their mind to succeed and compete with others.It also providesMotivational quotes for success in Tamil,English and even more supported languages.Start your day with motivational quotes everyday category to get some random quotes and you can customize your own news feed for Motivational Quotes for Daily inspiration.Share quotes,images directly with your friends from the motivational quotes by great persons.

Screenshots :

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To Become Beta tester,developing for other platforms,exposing API's and join with me for further development drop me a mail : [email protected] or chat with me in G+ hangouts/Facebook.Don't forget to rate the App in Playstore.