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introduction to cloud computing - new way approach for business by IT industry - post snippet by @nancy joslin


+SHIVA SURYA , (author of @i-visionblog) myself attended the recent workshop on cloud computing and big data analytics with my department members +siddarth velmurugan , +venkat raman , +SRIRAMAMOORTHY S & +Varshi Ramesh.

a video that explains very well on cloud computing.
The team from +IBM , +Vikas Manoria ,sir was explaining in awesome manner about the usage,needs and other aspects technically about #cloud computing and it's working and last we had a great demo on Bluemix,a cloud based application deployment startup from IBM with J2EE simple application running on cloud integrating with Twitter API.I had previously guided you guys deploying the web application on cloud.the same way IBM provides excellent solution to deploy apps on cloud with many configuration.I will be writing a post within a week to deploy a PHP based web application with mongoDB as database on Bluemix.

so let us see about some basic concepts on cloud concept :

When a new business is started, they spend time and money to build IT infrastructures which provide hardware, software, services and they need power, larger data center, storage, servers, networks etc. But their growth get slower. In this case Cloud Computing can be implemented. It provides virtual data centers with software, and hardware and information resources, reduces money spending and avoids huge capital investments. 

Cloud computing is simply a service in which computers are connected to 

• connected to larger data centers with lot of software so they need not spend money to buy individual license 

• connected to hardware sources so they need not build, upgrade, maintain infrastructure 

• connected to information resources so they need not go all around the world for collecting information 

This doesn’t require much, all it need is internet and an account as we create in Gmail for example. But the serious problem is the security data to be stored in data centers go through networks and are sometimes hacked by black hats and lot more.however we have SSL(priavate/public key encryption) and other algorithms to encrypt data and data protection by particular operating systems.

To rectify this, cloud computing is available in three models as

Private - secure, to one company alone, not much efficient.

Public - not much secure, highly efficient.

Hybrid - combination of private and public models, secure and more efficient.

Cloud computing provides all service as 

IaaSInfrastructure as a service(demanding infrastructure particularly).

PaaSPlatform as a service(demanding platform such as OS particularly).

SaasSoftware as a service(instant for testers to include add-ons like mysql,mongodb).

More than half of US are pulled into this. By the 3rd into Everything as a Service (EaaS) instead of infrastructure, platform, software as individual service. They are expecting that the total market of cloud will reach $158.8 billion. In forth coming years Hybrid cloud will be more adopted and total market rises to great extends.

so which industry,application needs cloud storage,hosting ?

> Applications such as pinterest runs on cloud based service where the traffic would be quite large and to manage them.

> Industries such as logistics and other industries which need real time statistics and data to manage customers and provide opt services on time.

> growing industry for big data analysis to challenge their opponents with present data.

> finally marketing feedbacks,data etc for products a needs a huge storage where they can be stored and retrieved without loss of data and perfomance.

and where the industry could handle large amount of data.

And finally cloud is vast concept to describe ,and only you can experience it when you really work it on by deploying small applications and experiencing how cloud manages the and traffic.share is care.


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