Saturday, January 11, 2014

Enabling Replies in Facebook Comments for Profiles- read more @i-visionblog

We are living in Profile world which we represent in the form of Photo updates and status updates where others could comments,likes,+1's.We are addicted towards Likes,Comments,Replies in Facebook.Increasing the heat i have written an simple article to enable Replies For your profile in Facebook.Actually Facebook Allows Legal option to have only replies for Facebook Pages to experience more comment activities,Why can't we upgrade and maintain Facebook replies for comments for our profile too.Just have look at the procedure!

How Does Replies On Facebook Helps?

Facebook Introduces Reply option in Addition to comments to make the users more sophisticated and experience till the core of commenting the status,Photos and whatever else in Facebook.Actually they are officially used in Facebook Pages for admins to reply to their Followers.

How to Enable?

1)Login to Your Facebook Account in Google Chrome Browser.
2)open new tab type
3)Right click and select Inspect Elements.
4)Click on the Gear Menu On the Bottom Most right corner (Just Above Your Clock)

5)In that Click the OverRide Option And Click on the Check Box override option.

6)Enable override Geolocations And enter the following appropriately Lat:-41.289996 & lon:174.781555 and just press enter key. now  Check In.(please don't post it ,just leave it )

7)now open your Desktop site normally and post anything.

8)try to comment them You would be recieving an Reply option to that. Have fun!

How to disable ?

1)Just Go to the same Place Geolocation ,make Latitude & Longitude text box empty and uncheck all boxes.

2)Click CheckIn the same page.
3)this Return backs to normal state once again with comments alone in every posts.!

we are not responsible for any other changes in your accounts in facebook.try it in your own risk as we dont know the effect of the enabling replies in facebook profile.try it on your own profile at own risk.our blog is not responsible on anyway!


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