Friday, July 08, 2016

P0 Android Basics - Udacity Android Nanodegree Recap and Review

Udacity with Google has done excellent job in delivering standard and updated courses via Udacity android development courses with variety of categories such as Games,Beginners,Building App with Google API's and even more.They are also about to provide Associate Android Developer certificates by taking few test as projects over online as announced in Google I/O 2016.Me and My friends +venkat raman , Ajay are in track with Android Nanodegree course and projects.The course objective is to master basic Android concepts and adapt to future changes in design,coding style and updates.I'll try to reproduce the concept i learnt and applied during the project and passed reviews in this post.

Project Repo : Link

Process & Concepts :

The first project was just to build a mere Android app with specified layout,buttons and Onclick listeners implementations.(you can check my code).The goal was to ensure that users are able to work with Android studio and produce results from those by running it in emulator or phone.Luckily I have latest Android Smartphone with latest updates from Google.(6.0.1).

What I've Concentrated ?

  • Making my Java code readable one :D 
  • Concentrating on strings.xml file organising and not hard coding it.
    Though it was tough in beginning when you move forward and app grows in many countries and your user may expect in different languages,this technique will be scalable approach and managing it in one place.
  • writing reusable code in java - link
  • Few patient in testing in emulator,device.
Accomplishment of P0 - udacity android nanodegree

The next part was basics of Android such as components,form factors and do's and don't in the development process.with those installation and Android jargon such as Android API levels and Numbers,SDK levels,Compile version,Minimum and maximum SDK target levels and few more publishing techniques too.

Next Video Lectures :

The first section video consist of Android Studio tutorials,drag and drop widget tutorials and connecting the xml design file with java code and maintaining their lifecycle,connecting the app to the cloud with network code(http) and few views such ListView to handle huge amount of homogeneous data types.This leads to next level project as Popular Movies app by consuming API to display popular movies running in nearby theatres.Mean while check out my Github repo and try practising it. 

Results : 

That's it and i've passed the project 0 with flying colours within a hour of starting the course :D with my friends +venkat raman and ajay.

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