Saturday, July 26, 2014

Getting Started With Node WebKit Apps- Developing Desktop Native Apps

HTML5 Becomes Day to day More Powerful since it supports many Developer Friendly API such as Audio,File,Geolocations and many too.Html5 was used to build Amazing websites,Phonegap Apps for Android,iOS,Windows and Bada OS too.Now it has been started to be used as Desktop Application with HTML5 API and Javascript API native Windows Tasks with the help of Node.js Modules.Having Experience on Node.js Previously I am Writing this Article - Read More about Node.js Basic Here.Even Intel Appframwork GUI based mobile application developing environment uses nodewebkit as a part!

Reference : Download Demo File

Installation :

Just visit the GitHub Project use their Download option and extract the file and keep it in directory where you frequently access.

Project structure :

|  |_ index.html
|-node_modules [ if necessary ] 

package.json :


consider Demo file for working purpose.

Creating Zip File : 

1) Create New-> Zip File 

2) Add all www,package.json and ico.png file to Zip files and rename
3) go to nodewebkit folder where you have extracted and copy this Zip file .
4) open in command prompt[terminal].
5)move to extracted Folder which you have Downloaded and execute the command.

C:\node > nw

This opens the nodewebkit app index.html with your specified app details using package.json file such as toolbars,height,width and etc.

Create executable binary for Distribution:

under same directory run the command in the command prompt

copy /b application.exe

For More Desktop API window environment Visit official Github Repo Wiki to learn more.Consider npm repository searches for creating node_modules under nodewebkit app for node.js support. 

If any error/bug in the Demo/Article Just Mail me [email protected] or comment below here.or connect wit me via Facebook/Twitter for interactions.Share is care. 


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