Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mobile Detect in PHP and categorize different OS and Devices

According to +Mashable,Most of the Users nowadays use mobile phones,gadgets etc to access internet,apps and other services from,it becomes handy for users and inorder to bring websites,standalone web application running in web browsers can be designed for the gadgets size and respective width and display the content appropriately for Easy access and better usage.You would have seen many site such as Google,Facebook release apps to load data for small gadgets efficiently instead of huge website with plugins.I would discuss about building apps from basic in php we could detect the browser from headers and respond them accordingly!

php Mobile detection

Download the Above Mobile_detect.php and just call it by require or include function.


$found= new Mobile_detect;

Sample code:

this code is just for sample there are lot of phones,OS,Browsers defined in Mobile_Detect.php just go through the class and call from creating object outside with appropriate spellings.

Screenshot from I-OS:

1)i have personally tested on Android,I-OS,Nokia ASHA and other web browsers.

2)generally this tutorials is very easy and there are lot of classes to check the mobile detection.

3)As far this class detect with the help of headers which carry browser information and OS.The authors of this class has took effort in finding Model Number|OS|Browser|Nature of Request and other parameters and made a simple class file for php.

As developer you must be known Browser header carry info about OS,Browser info and other variables within them to serve pages from web server.

a small snap of Request Headers.

report for doubts and bugs in comments.share is care.and you must not ask if user hide ip address and Browser information to me :p


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