Sunday, May 11, 2014

Login system v1.0 - i-visionblog

you have been using Google,Facebook Twitter with login system with recaptcha and recover system to maintain and enable privacy for users.Recaptcha enables the user to slow down the too many login attempts on a login page.I have enables access tokens to handle only genuine request from the genuine forms from PHP.since i got too many response on my last post Simple login system and OOPS approach i had made this in github for everyone to notify errors and optimize the script.

login system v1.0

 App structure:
  |-------- css
  |               |------- bootstrap.min.css
  |               |------- bootstrap.css
  |               |------- validator
  |                              |---css
  |                              |       | --- bootstrapvalidator.css
  |                              |       | --- bootstrapvalidator.min.css
  |                              |----js
  |                                      | --- bootstrapValidator.js
  |                                      | --- bootstrapValidator.min.js
  |--------- js
  |               | --- bootstrap.js
  |               | --- bootstrap.min.js
  |               | --- jquery.js
  |               | --- jquery.min.js
  |--------- fonts
  |                | - normal font files from bootstrap
  |--------- index.php //checks for session and create forms accordingly
  |--------- home.php //checks for session and shows the data of login user
  |--------- login.php //to check db,session,login access token,attempts,recaptcha
  |--------- logout.php //check for session and access key for session destroy
  |--------- recaptchalib.php //script from google to show recaptcha form and verfiy
  |--------- user.sql //populate your database with this file using import


1)bootstrap validation with framework

2)complete login/logout with fixed sessions

3)pdo queries from db (to avoid sql injection/hacks  )

4)functions to check sessions

5)hope this will work like facebook logout enabled with session and access tokens

6)recaptcha from google to prevent more than 4 login attempts

7)no cross site post attempts(hope :p )

p.s report for bugs!! or open issues on github repo
i will be giving constant updates & social media syncing with access tokens settings for sharing,commenting and other stories on facebook,twitter.share is care


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