Monday, January 05, 2015

Introduction To Internet Of Things - IOT with Frugal Labs at IIT Madras

By last Decade the Internet came up with boom of several technology with popular Programming languages to run at server side and and delivering the clients machine.And by 2007 came up with Mobile Phones with Internet Access and by now it has matured and grown a the same side Internet usage is also growing and device connected to the internet is also growing heavily.So,some interesting thing came up know as Internet Of Things.Even many more popular company starts supporting it because it's scope in future is really needed when you deeply apply the science and Facts.

I had attended Workshop Recently on Internet Of Things at +IIT Madras with my CollegeMates +SRIRAMAMOORTHY+Puviyarasu , +venkatraman,RamKumar, +sivasakthi,naveen,Senthil.Really it was Awesome to Work with them on IOT hands on Session by Frugal Labs!

So,What is Internet Of Things ?

Internet Of Things is Nothing but simple technique which Machine-Machine Interaction and Decisions,Predictions made by machines programmed and Sensed by sensors and Assisting the Humans Digitally for Day to Day life.

A Fast Video on Internet Of Things :

Some Day to Day IOT Ideas :

IOT comes here to help you to Take Selfie with no Pain :p to monitor the Traffic in a Area and Notify you!Assume you have to take tablets in right time,IOT helps to notify and monitor you assisting digitally.It can Track,Sense and interconnect many Device and Share data and Respond to the Particular is Small Video on Real Life Application on Internet Of Things in Day to Day Life!

My Experience @ IIT Madras with Frugal Labs :

We Got small arduino UNO board for Working out and connecting with Cloud and Mobile apps.We have Actually followed Python programming Language to Connect With IOT device and pushing data in to Cloud and KiWi App module from Python for Desktop Apps development and Simple Android App to control Device Via Bluetooth low Energy Device Module.My Small Snaps On Workshop Below!

Arduino Board Connected With USB
A Simple Program to Control LED and Check Temperature using Sensor
Bluetooth Module to communicate between Device and Arduino board

Hello World App :

When We try New Thing we Always perform Hello World ! :D and we too done it successfully using arduino board and some LED lights on Board! 

Temperature Sensor App :

Then Comes Temperature Sensor module where we just coded for getting Room Temperature and Display in our Console.and We took the Data to Parse Cloud with the Help of Parse API and python Coding.

Bluetooth Communication App:

Finally we connected Remotely with Bluetooth to fetch Data from The arduino Board and Displaying in Either Computer Console/Android App console.

Final Word:

And The Above is just Beginner Level of IOT with Arduino programming and supported by INTEL and even more popular companies.hope you have got some Ideas about Internet Of Things Rite now.Visit the Frugal Labs site for more Workshop details and Assistance details.

for more suggestions/Bugs/Hugs/help just mail me to [email protected] or start commenting below or chat with me in Facebook/G+ chat.share is care.


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