Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Google launches new Tools to help the developers for producing high performance Daydream Apps

Daydream Apps will be striking feature in the Android Nougat release. Building this VR experience is mission critical task for all the developers involved. Because it’s like explaining the entire game of thrones story in an hour. There are lots of possibilities and corner cases.
Building this VR apps process must be scalable, that is the apps developed must not consume the entire resource or the device must not get overheated.
Google launches new Tools to help the developers for producing high performance Daydream Apps

So to help the developers who are working on this Google has announced brand new tools for producing high performance Daydream apps. So to begin with, let's have a look on Daydream Renderer.

Rendering is an important aspect when it comes for
developing VR apps. Because Rendering is the thing which makes the user to feel the impact. To produce the impact of rendering the secret is the art of producing light and shadows in the visuals at appropriate places. As per Google, this Daydream Renderer is a set of optimized tools that allows the user to produce dynamic lighting and shadowing in the visuals that gives an authentic impact to the users.

Developers who are constructing the games for the daydream platforms will be getting more benefitted from this Daydream Renderer. As the lighting and shadowing is very essential for making the user to stay intact with the game. This Tool will do that for sure as per the Google. Speaking about the VR for Games, Actually Roulette in Casino is my favourite Game, I used to play online roulette at casino.com. Roulette is an game in casino that actually stimulates one's brain to choose the exact option among the various possibilities.

Then moving on to next, Instant Preview

Normally a Developer writing a mobile application follows the process of writing a code, then compile and upload the change to a mobile device and test whether the change works for it. So at the end of the day a developer will spend several minutes idle during the entire process.  

But the Instant Preview now introduced by Google ensures that this process could be completed in seconds therefore saving the time of a developer increasing the productivity. It also ensures Quality allowing developers to do more iterations in less time.

Google has also introduced performance monitoring tools like GAPID and PerfHUD
Though the VR Apps looks just great, it will reach wide range of users only when it performs in an optimized way. The device on which the VR apps runs must not get overheated and the VR apps must run with no dependence upon the device or the environmental condition.

gapid permits the developers to perform deep GPU profiling providing ideas upon how the hardware and software interacts to drives performance. It also allows the developer to search for any other corner case that could bring the entire performance down.

PerfHUD is an another extraordinary tool which helps the developers to rightly plot which areas of the games and apps push the hardware of the device too hard.

So, looking through the future VR is going to be next big game changer for Game Industry and enables the user to use virtual reality from their smart phone devices.


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